Track Premiere: BESIDES DANIEL’s “SOON”

Besides Daniel

Danny Brewer, most widely known under his stage name, Besides Daniel, never ceases to impress the blogosphere and music critics alike. Always reinventing himself, Brewer seems to gain new fans Besides Daniel SOONwith every stretch creatively while keeping the longtime fans on the edge of their seat. This is really how it should be done, right? It’s one thing to find a niche and groove it out to the point that folks realize who you are as a creative, but the idea of the artist staying right there is boring. What makes Besides Daniel one of my favorite acts is I never know if it’s going to be Danny alone, a 3 piece, or a 5-6 piece (which I’ve seen). He is always changing it up, always. Lately, Besides Daniel has been nothing– nowhere to be found. There have been some speculation among fans that he’s officially hung it up and moved on to other places. One thing for sure– the journey of Besides Daniel, the music act, has been a beautiful adventure and at times, a painful one. A fella who has vulnerably allowed his love life to be a part of his artistry, fans have seen parts of Besides Daniel come and go. With this new track, “Soon,” Besides Daniel gives us some folktronica R&B– a departure stylistically that will surely get your attention. We await anxiously the path Besides Daniel will take next.

-Luke Goddard, August 18, 2012

 Besides Daniel’s “SOON”

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