7 Minutes in Heaven with: ALL DELIGHTED PEOPLE

All Delighted People

One of our favorite things to do at TBI is introduce our readers to brand new artists that excite us. Today the Texas collective ALL DELIGHTED PEOPLE release their debut album When the Morning Comes and we’re thrilled to introduce them to you. When they sent us an advance copy of the album it was accompanied by a kind note saying they hoped we were simply “intrigued” by their tunes. Most intriguing is how this humble group of 10+ members successfully brings together so many different musicians into a unified, cohesive sound and message.

Like John Mark McMillan and Young Oceans, the group is part of a movement that is redefining Christian worship music and taking it beyond mass marketed WOW! compilations. Even the fact that their album is free via Noisetrade and Bandcamp (you can stream the latter to the right) turns the traditional CCM business model on its head.

Hit play on music player to right and check out our short interview with the band below!


Website: www.alldelightedpeople.com
Twitter: @adptx
Facebook: facebook.com/alldelightedpeople
Bandcamp: alldelightedpeopletx.bandcamp.com

1. Where are you from and how long have you been a band (or been making music)?

We are from Dallas, TX and we have all been making music together as All Delighted People for a little over a year. A lot of us, however, have been playing together in various bands for several years. Rather than a band, we often just call ourselves a community. We are ultimately just friends, who are drawn to the same things, that happen to be musicians as well.

2. Describe your sound in 5 words.

Inspired melodies with eclectic tendencies

3. Who would you say are your top 3 musical influences?

There are many more than 3 musical influences that shaped this album. They range from rock to jazz to electronic to folk to country. If we had to pick 3 at random, they might be: Radiohead, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros

4. If you had to choose one song from your album that our readers have to hear, what would it be and why?

“Now All My Love” is not only a great intro to the album, but it’s also a great intro to the band for the first time listener. It gives a quick insight to both the melodic and dynamic tendencies of the band.

5. What were 5 of your favorite albums from 2012?

Beach House – Bloom

Mumford & Sons – Babel

Fun. – Some Nights

All Sons and Daughters – Season One

Sigur Rós – Valtari

6. Name a band that we might not have heard of yet but should definitely check out.

A couple of the guys in ADP also have a band called Shapes Stars Make. It’s on the instrumental/post-rock side of the spectrum.

7. What’s big and exciting for you in 2013?

We don’t really know. We are going to keep playing and keep writing… and keep giving our music away for free. Our goal is just for people to connect to our music in a way that inspires hope and points them in a direction to something greater than themselves – a savior.