The Leftovers: an after-party to The Stuffing – 11/27

TheLeftovers13 is pleased to once again partner with Manchester Orchestra, Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, and the Center Stage complex in Atlanta to present The Leftovers: an after-party to The Stuffing. If you’ve kept up with the site over the past few years, you know we’re big fans of the Atlanta-based label and the bands that make up the community, so participating in The Stuffing was a no-brainer.

Everything you need to know about The Stuffing 2013

The Leftovers 2013 will include the rad photo booth you’ve grown to know and love over the years, $2 Black LabelĀ Guinness & shot specials, sets from Highschool Sweetheart (DJ) and from LiL iFFy, the creator of “Wand Core”. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE, regardless of if you were able to get a ticket to the Stuffing or not.

This all goes down at the VINYL starting around 11:00pm after Manchester’s closing set. Come hang out with bands, fans, family, and friends, and work on that Thanksgiving Day hangover you never knew you wanted.

LiL iFFy – “Order Up”

[youtube id=dmiO6G69k88]