Photos & Videos

TBI Showcase 2010 Live Footage & Photos: MODERN SKIRTS

Check out The Modern Skirts performing “Soft Pedals” in Macon, GA.

TBI Showcase 2010 Live Footage & Photos: Alec Stanley Seven

Here’s the band playing at Showcase 2010.

Photos: Besides Daniel, Molly Parden, Tim Walker & Alec Stanley

Check out the shots from Besides Daniel’s impromptu show at The 567.

Bragg Jam 2010: The Rocketboys

Photos of The Rocketboys performing at the 2010 Bragg Jam Music Festival in Macon, GA.

Bragg Jam 2010: Citizen Insane

Citizen Insane kept things loud at Bottoms Up during Bragg Jam 2010.

Bragg Jam 2010: Stribling

Stribling plays Bragg Jam for the first time. Photos by William Haun.

the rocketboys

Live Footage: The Rocketboys’ “All The Western Winds” at Bragg Jam 2010

Check out another one of William Haun’s videos for TBI.

Bragg Jam 2010: The Moaners

Watch The Moaners perform at the 2010 Bragg Jam Festival in Macon, GA.

Harrows @ The 567

Check out the photos from the very impressive instrumental band, Harrows!

Weatherbox @ The 567

Photos of San Diego dude rockers WEATHERBOX playing at the new, improved 567 in Macon, GA.