Photos & Videos Presents: BATHS

This dude’s energy is contagious! Fall in love with BATHS!

Photos & Videos: MATRIMONY Live in Macon, GA

Enjoy three videos and a gallery of photos from the band’s show in Macon, GA last month.

Photos: BRAIDS @ The Masquerade 02/07/11

Haun covers BRAIDS at The Masquerade on February 7th! Check it out!

Videos & Photos: Valley Maker @ The 567

Valley Maker nails it in Macon at The 567’s main stage back in January of 2011

Show Review & Photos: YO LA TENGO in Atlanta, GA (01/28/11)

The indie-rock legends from Hoboken hit Atlanta with the spin of a wheel!

Josiah and Jonathan of THE HEAD AND THE HEART perform at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on February 4, 2011

The Blue Indian Presents: The Head and the Heart

You don’t want to skip over this! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G performance by The Head and The Heart at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA.

Video & Photos: FRONTIER RUCKUS @ The 567

Frontier Ruckus ended their set beautifully– off the stage and in the middle of the crowd.

Videos and Photos: AMY GODWIN @ The 567

One of Macon’s favorites, Amy Godwin, performs for her fans at The 567’s Main Stage.

Video and Photos: MOLLY PARDEN @ The 567

Molly Parden performs a song off her upcoming full-length at The 567 Gallery Stage. Enjoy!

The Blue Indian Presents: MATRIMONY

Matrimony gets the crowd’s attention with their single, “Flee or Fight”!

Photos: Space Ghost – Live @ The 567 (Gallery Stage)

Check out our photos from Space Ghost’s set at The 567 (Gallery Stage)!

Video and Photos: ANDROCLES AND THE LION @ The 567

Androcles and the Lion made their debut in Macon, GA, on January 22nd, as they shared the stage with Molly Parden, Space Ghost, and Matrimony. Enjoy the photos and video we have from their set at The 567 (Gallery Stage).