Acoustic Alley: New Madrid

'yardboat' Album Art

‘yardboat’ Album Art

New Madrid is a band of genuine ruffians of a new world order. Straight from Athens, Georgia via Tennessee, they’re  a TBI Presents favorite quartet full of jangly guitars and spot-on harmonies.

These Georgia gentlemen were the last band we filmed in the downtown Austin park at this past SXSW. When they showed up, they insisted we film inside the abandoned public pool. In an effort to be as risk adverse as possible while still maintaining the artistic integrity of a band, we compromised on filming in front of the pool’s fence.

To their defense and with all due apologies, Scott and I agree with New Madrid that the video would’ve sounded cooler inside a pool we would have to cut a lock to get to, but these guys sound great in any context: even one where the lawyer suggest we not get arrested at North America’s largest music festival.

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New Madrid – “Country Moon Pt. 1” – Live from SXSW 2013

[youtube id=p9uroUqv-3M]

New Madrid – “Ghosts & Fire” – Live from SXSW 2013

[youtube id=N8fcQh1Af64]