Acoustic Alley: Ponderosa

I should preface this Acoustic Alley post with an acknowledgement that these songs are neither acoustic nor in our beloved alley; and for that misrepresentation, I apologize. With that caveat out of the way, however, Ponderosa, our August 2012 Band of the Month, really knocked it out of the park with these stripped down versions of three tunes off of their album Pool Party.

Luke and I caught up with the gentlemen of Ponderosa after they enjoyed a meal at The Rookery, where they were expected back for a show later that evening. We had originally recorded a session with them at SXSW, but due to technical difficulties, we needed another shot. Since Ponderosa wanted to do a powered set, the alley was ruled out, and we racked our brains to find a location before we lost the last few minutes of sunlight remaining. We ended up going back to my house and running power across the street to the house/building formerly known as Centenary United Methodist Church. The sun had set, but thanks to the warm halogens of Luke’s Chevy, we were able to record Ponderosa doing what they do best.

Ponderosa – “Get a Gun”

[youtube id=LEYWul_7Vc0 showinfo=0]

Ponderosa – “Never Come Back”

[youtube id=_KxdXNLS3NM showinfo=0]

Ponderosa – “On Your Time”

[youtube id=TCn18tzTKYs showinfo=0]