Acoustic Alley: Low Tree Grow Tall

These girls came to us after we put out a call for artists interested in being featured on our free compilations. After spending some time on Youtube, I came across a video for a song of theirs called “A Good Man” and was instantly won over. Soft, smooth melodies accompany beautiful finger-style guitar picking throughout most of their songs, leaving a sense of yearning for days gone by.

Casey & Melanie (Low Tree Grow Tall, respectively) will be playing a show at The Vinyl in Atlanta on Thursday, May 30th with After Edmund and The Howling Tongues. The girls will be opening the show up shortly after 7:30pm doors, so if you’re in the area get there early!

Low Tree Grow Tall – “Old Friend”

[youtube id=a6bU3wvsGsc showinfo=0]

Low Tree Grow Tall – “Letters in a Jar”

[youtube id=3_xwRx82ubc showinfo=0]

Low Tree Grow Tall – “Hidden Heart”

[youtube id=lL1NbnRVL5M showinfo=0]