Acoustic Alley: John Mark McMillan “Sheet of Night”

John Mark McMillan plays an acoustic guitar in an alley in Macon, GeorgiaOne of my favorite songwriters of the day, John Mark McMillan, out of Charlotte, North Carolina, is rapidly shifting the landscape of modern-day Christian music. Before I introduce this special moment we captured of John Mark performing “Sheet of Night” in our Acoustic Alley series, I’d like to go on the record and say: I do not like Christian music.

If it’s not the music in my home church, Mark Mathis’ Warship record, or any of John Mark’s records, I’m probably not going to listen to it. I’d rather listen to Roseanne Barr sing the National Anthem over and over all day in my office than listen to K-Love radio. But about 3 years into my life as a Christian, I ran into Hope Anthology, Volume 1, McMillan’s first record, and I vividly remember thinking, this guy will be groundbreaking. From Holly Etchison, one of TBI’s most respected writers:

John Mark McMillan’s songs tear at the seams of the ordinary.  Rooted in the tradition of greats like Springsteen and Hank Williams, they read like blueprints for the reconstruction of rock n roll’s South: raw, gutsy, undaunted, and transcendent.  Anthems for the heart and mind, they get down in the dirt with you, pick you back up, and brush you off.

Four records later, including the upcoming November 1st release of Economy, McMillan has left Christian bands salivating to tour with him. In fact, one of the most prominent Christian artists over the last decade, David Crowder, has announced that his final tour will be with McMillan. McMillan’s music, unlike a lot of what you’ll hear on Christian radio, is gut-wrenching, honest, and has been known to offend folks. McMillan is different, he’s honest, and he’s actually making a difference.

With the release of Economy just over a month away and just in time for the release of the first single, “Sheet of Night,” we’re proud to introduce to you “Sheet of Night” performed by John Mark McMillan as a part of our Acoustic Alley series. Just when I figured the man couldn’t write a better song. . . .

– Luke Goddard

John Mark McMillan – “Sheet of Night”

[youtube id=EXY-_T5rbHo showinfo=0]

Next up: An Acoustic Alley performance of his next single, “Murdered Son” and an exclusive interview with the man behind all of the fuss! So keep an eye on by following us on Facebook and Twitter.