Acoustic Alley: Marc Scibilia

* UPDATE 12/21/12 * We have added a third video below of Marc performing “Momma Don’t Bother Me”. It is a new song that we held on to until it premiered on Marc’s Spotify Session. *

It was the night before Bragg Jam 2012, Middle Georgia’s largest music and arts festival. And Jordan, William, and I were all talking about how we got a text message from Atlanta singer-songwriter, Molly Parden, earlier that afternoon about a Nashvillian singer-songwriter friend of hers. The three of us had to be at a patron’s event at The Armory that night so, at the table, we briefly talked about the random text again– how Molly mentioned that her friend would be playing a solo set at Roasted off 2nd Street just a block over that same night.

I’ll have to be honest, I had my doubts. I just figured it was a friend of Molly’s who desperately needed some coverage and Molly felt sorry for him and wanted to do him a favor. I think it was William who was like, “Let’s go check the fella out and if he’s available, let’s get him in the alley… might as well.” So we all got up from the table and hawked Sean Pritchard down and got a photo of the four of us so our presence at the event would be remembered and slid out the back door. A few minutes later, we approached Molly’s friend at Roasted as he was getting his stuff together for his set and told him who we were and asked if he’d be interested in shooting an Alley Session with us.

Next thing I know, we’re in my favorite spot in Macon, GA– TBI’s Acoustic Alley off Cherry Street. I’ll admit I was all smiles– like a kid at Disney World for the first time– when Molly’s friend hummed the opening part and sung the first syllable of “How Bad We Need Each Other.”

That’s about when it became clear to me– The Blue Indian wasn’t doing our friend Molly a favor by covering her buddy, he was doing us a favor by being a part of our Alley series. Friends, enjoy one of my favorite songwriters right now– Marc Scibilia.

Luke Goddard

Marc Scibilia – “How Bad We Need Each Other”

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Marc Scibilia – “Better Man”

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Marc Scibilia – “Momma Don’t Bother Me”

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