Acoustic Alley: SHOOK FOIL

I’ve said it a few times before and I stand firmly with my beliefs still; Shook Foil could easily be the most underrated band in Atlanta. Possibly Georgia. That being said, I didn’t always feel that way.

The first time I saw them was at a large house show in Athens with the now-defunct band Space Ghost. Shook Foil played through a decent set of original songs but the cover songs they played seemed to interest the crowd much more. The next time was at a house show in Milledgeville that turned out to be a party at a Young Life house and for me personally, that was kind of strange. I won’t go into detail. We were finally able to bring them to Macon for a club date at The Hummingbird this past June and that’s when they started to really put the moves on me (and just about everyone else that was there).

In a nutshell, Shook Foil seems like the type of band that takes as much pleasure in fine-tuning their songs at practice as they do performing them live, except that they haven’t strayed far from Atlanta since forming in early 2010. They’ve slowly earned a strong following of friends in the area but they need to get out of the city and onto the road. Their most recent EP, Little Significance, is a mere five songs long but it encompasses a broad and matured sound compared to their 2011 debut.

Following the end of Wowser Bowser‘s set, the guys followed us outside into one of the dreary alley’s in downtown and treated us to two songs from the EP. Midway through filming, the crew that had gathered was approached by what we imagined was their oldest (and possibly most intoxicated) new fan who wanted the band to play through a blues original that he came up with. If that interests you (it turned out to be alright), you can check it out here, otherwise enjoy these two tracks from Shook Foil.

– Sean Pritchard

Shook Foil – “Some Heavy Faith”

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Shook Foil – “Little Faith”

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