TBI Presents: Colorfeels at the Wise Blood House, 03/10/13

Colorfeels showed up for their debut show in Macon right on time – a rarity in the world of independent touring bands* – and I was quickly convinced they meant serious business. I hadn’t listened to the Nashville-based five-piece other than an Austin City Limits session I skimmed through while at work, but the song alone sold the band on a number of levels.

Given that TheBlueIndian.com has been fans of Little Tybee for a few years now and they introduced us to River Whyless, we take anything they send our way quite seriously. So, when the band let our friends at the Wise Blood House know they were interested in a show in Macon on the way to SXSW, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend an evening with old friends and make new ones.

The cool spring air, the oddly historical setting (watch the movie Wiseblood), and the fridge full of jello shots were perfectly complimented by the beautiful sounds these three groups made and we’re looking forward to sharing all the videos with you. In the meantime, check out Colorfeels’ debut album, Syzygy, available online. It’s a definite keeper. – Sean Pritchard

* we’re not harping on you other guys. It was a lazy Sunday for all of us.

Colorfeels – “Pretty Walk”

[youtube id=NCV17u8zRzk showinfo=0]

Colorfeels – “Mirrored Walls”

[youtube id=S-SoKMVulRY showinfo=0]