TBI Presents: Anne Bonny at the Wise Blood House, 03/10/13

Since the fledgling days of TheBlueIndian.com, we’ve archived any work from Amy Godwin that we could find – whether photos, videos, live recordings, or demos – the girl has musical grit. There are a number of ways that you may remember Amy and her tunes – whether through our Free Compilations, her shows with Little Tybee, River Whyless, Netherfriends, Valley Maker, Pressed And & more, or the beautiful Alley sessions she’s recorded. Her newest project, a joint venture with her close friend Liz Finlon, goes under the name ANNE BONNY.

Godwin says, “Liz and I met through mutual friends in Atlanta. Last year, she bought a tenor ukulele and started coming down to Macon to sing Mountain Man songs with me in Rosehill Cemetery. After moving to Atlanta we decided to start writing songs together.”

“Our collaborative songwriting process is still new, so we’re still figuring out what works best for us. Personally, my phone is filled with recordings of melodies I think of during the day and later they’re dissected and used to make loops (making a million harmonies) and ultimately a song.”

When questioned about how the Atlanta community has received their new work, she replied, “Response so far has been really positive. We were featured on Georgia State radio, WRAS Album 88.5 recently. We interviewed and played a few songs and since then we’ve been getting a lot of show invites. We’re also really fortunate to have connections to the music scene in Atlanta with people who want us to keep creating music and get our name out there.”

ANNE BONNY recently made their “official” debut in Macon at the Wiseblood House alongside Colorfeels & Little Tybee. Colorfeels‘ set has already been posted, but watch out for Little Tybee’s in the next weeks.

Enjoy ANNE BONNY. – Sean Pritchard

Anne Bonny – “Jordan”

[youtube id=kf13__IITio showinfo=0]

Anne Bonny – “Blackbird Crow”

[youtube id=wkH7u_l6bU8 showinfo=0]

Anne Bonny – “Dog Song” (Mountain Man cover)

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