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list number 6

Top Ten for 2010 (List #6 of 7): by Gino Orlandi

Gino Orlandi gives his readers here at TBI his Top Ten for 2010!

top ten of 2010 LIST 5

Top Ten for 2010 (List #5 of 7): by Hannah Marney

by Hannah Marney 10. Tiger Suit – KT Tunstall I pretty much like her no matter what. She is a girl who does her thing and does it well. I kept seeing video ads for it in the tube stations in London. Very glad I bought it. 9. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire They always […]

Top Ten of 2010 List 4

Top Ten for 2010 (List #4 of 7): by Beth Yeckley

Beth nails it by naming Local Natives’ “Gorilla Manor” number one. Check her list out!

Top Ten for 2010 (List #3 of 7): by Sean Pritchard

Sean names a country album in his “Top Ten of 2010.” Check out his list!

Top Ten for 2010 (List #2 of 7): by Michael Hall

Check out Michael Hall’s Top Ten of 2010. You may be shocked at his number 1 pick . . .

Top Ten for 2010 (List #1 of 7): by Chris Breslin

TBI’s Chris Breslin gives us list #1 of this year’s TBI Staff Picks- Top Ten of 2010!

The Blue Indian Recommends: The Head and the Heart

“Could very well be the next biggest thing to come out of the Northwest, since Fleet Foxes.” – Damien Jurado

The Blue Indian Recommends: Gold Panda

Hear 2010’s best electronica album! Disclaimer: we are in no way responsible for any damage caused by the dance party about to break out near your computer.

mount moriah

The Blue Indian Recommends: Mount Moriah

With a sleepy Americana feel, it’s McEntire’s vocals that got my attention. This band is good. Really good.


The Blue Indian Recommends: MATRIMONY

Out of Charlotte, NC, Matrimony, a husband/wife duo, recently released their debut EP, “The Storm & The Eye.” The record has been on repeat during the weekends as my wife and I clean house. Perfect for a Saturday morning, Jimmy and Ashlee Brown’s tunes are rich with folk influence and pop hooks that seem to […]

Arthur Alligood - Full Circle

The Blue Indian Recommends: Arthur Alligood

He has been known for his introspective songwriting, but over the years I’ve not only come to appreciate his songwriting, but his raspy voice that comes through so boldly behind the microphone as well. He’s one of those that once you hear him live, you’ll never forget him. His melodies are contagious and his lyrics […]

Molly Parden

The Blue Indian Recommends: Molly Parden

I’m not sure if I’m the first writer to say this about this young lady, but I’m gonna call it.┬áMolly Parden will be some lucky dude’s sugar mama one day. In other words, her guitar and voice will make her a lot of money in her lifetime. Some people just have it. What is it… […]