Parachute Musical

Q&A with Parachute Musical

Beth sits down with Josh to talk about the evolution of the band.

james duke

Q&A with James Duke of All The Bright Lights

After Luke gave All The Bright Lights debut release a major hi-five, he sits down with one of the guys behind it all- James Duke.

Q&A with Denison Witmer

A singer/songwriter himself, Arthur Alligood takes advantage of getting to chat with one of his music-idols, Denison Witmer.

Molly Parden live in concert

Q&A with Molly Parden

One of Luke’s favorite Georgia-based singer/songwriters, Molly Parden is an inch away from making it big-time.

Heather Kemp of Oh Dorian

Q&A with Oh Dorian

Heather Kemp is Oh Dorian. Oh Dorian is Heather Kemp. She’s pretty much a big deal around the Georgia indie-music scene.


Q&A with Lovedrug

A conversation with Lovedrug that covers everything from Audrey Hepburn, The Militia Group (their former label), and their plans for the very near future.

All Get Out

Q&A with All Get Out (12/17/09)

Luke talks with Nate and Mel about everything from Mel’s obsession with waffles to the future plans for the band.

Q&A: Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra)

In a unique interview involving a notepad, an iPhone camera, and email, the Blue Indian gets 10 great answers to their 10 questions with Andy Hull.

Aaron Roche

Q&A with Aaron Roche (12-13-09)

Aaron Roche is a husband, a singer-songwriter, and now, a composer. His latest record, which is expected to release towards the first few months of 2010, will demonstrate his brilliance on a whole new level. With the new record, Roche doesn’t abandon his singer/songwriter charm that we all fell in love with. Instead, he combines […]

John Mark McMillan

Q&A with John Mark McMillan

David Kern said it best when he said, “Carolina indie-rocker John Mark McMillan is a bit of an anomaly. You see, he’s a christian musician who creates quality, creative music that is not derivative or repetitive, that boasts well written lyrics that avoid sentimentality yet still are focused on the artist’s faith. Perhaps even more strange […]

Mouse Fire

Q&A with Mouse Fire

After losing their lead singer, Mouse Fire never lost the momentum they carried after their very successful debut record, “Wooden Teeth.” Signed to LUJO Records, Mouse Fire is anxious to release their upcoming record, entitled, “Big Emotion,” which will officially release March 9, 2010. Mouse Fire made their debut in Macon, GA recently at The 567 when they opened […]

Daniel Johnston

Q&A with Daniel Johnston

Luke sits down with Daniel Johnston to discuss the unfortunate titling of the famous documentary, “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” and much, much more.