Rova Zetella

Q&A with Rova Zetella

From the Atlanta, GA area, Rova Zetella is an interesting band. I’ve seen them perform live only once. Not too long ago, they performed at The 567 in downtown Macon, GA with Molly Parden and Oh Dorian. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and remember telling my wife that I’d definitely go hear them again. My wife, […]

Winston Audio

Q&A with Winston Audio

Perhaps known for writing the song, “Hey Ann,” Winston Audio returns home to Atlanta, GA, after every hard-ridden tour. Part of the Favorite Gentlemen family, Winston Audio is close friends with the heart of Favorite Gentlemen, the world-renowned Manchester Orchestra. You’ll find Winston Audio touring with bands like Meat Puppets,Cursive, and Annuals. But, Dewitt, lead singer and bassist for Winston […]

Andy Pena

Who Is Andy Pena?

When Andy Pena straps on a guitar and steps up to the mic, he becomes a different person. Suddenly, he’s no longer the introverted, shy people-watcher. Instead, he quickly becomes the center of attention when the veins pop-out of his neck like roots in a tree and a voice much larger than his body grabs […]

Austin Crane

The Blue Indian Recommends: Austin Crane

From Columbia, SC, Austin Crane is a four-piece band that consists of Austin Crane (guitar, vocals), James Gibson (bass), Nathan Poole (lead guitar, back-up vocals), and Caleb Weathersby (percussion). Austin Crane is one of those bands who’s extremely difficult to categorize because of their unique sound. And it is perhaps Crane’s twangy vocals that sets them […]

The Glorious Unseen

Q&A with The Glorious Unseen

“I have to push myself towards activity and get away from depression. Activity breeds inspiration. So even if I have to do something seemingly insignificant, it breeds optimism I think.” -Ben Crist (The Glorious Unseen) A group of guys received in the music-world as a Christian band, frontman Ben Crist doesn’t necessarily target his songs […]

Q&A with O’Brother

Verging on Exploding, O’Brother Demands Attention A party-hard touring band who have been mysteriously coined the Native American names of  Screaming Eagle, Rainsong, Heavy Thunder, Pale Raven, Chief Bearpaw, and Tonto, O’Brother is: Anton Dang (bass), Johnny Dang (guitar, xylophone), Michael Martens (drums), Tanner Merritt (guitar, lead vocals), and Aaron Wamack (guitar). Signed to Favorite Gentlemen Records, O’Brother […]

Q&A with Mark Nicks (a.k.a Cool Hand Luke)

“I mean, Christianity isn’t cool, and it never has been for long. Especially Christian music. There comes a point that you have to decide if you want to look clever or if you want to follow Jesus. Very few people can pull them both off.” -Mark Nicks (Cool Hand Luke) Cool Hand Luke is a […]

Q&A with Aaron Weiss (vocalist of mewithoutYou)

“Religious or not, Christian or not, spiritual or not: there’s something to be enjoyed with this interview.There are apologies. There are awkward pauses. . . There is a man named Aaron Weiss who is sharing his heart as honest as he can at this point in his life. The interview is raw and it’s real.”

Q&A with Mark Mathis (of Public Radio)

Not boasting here, but The Blue Indian has a couple handfuls of interviews with some rather impressive artists. With our interviews, we take pride in offering our readers insightful knowledge about their favorite artists’ background, their career as an artist, and other tidbits of information that the fans wouldn’t be able to obtain elsewhere. Quite […]

Emilie Mover

Q&A with Emilie Mover

It’s usually pretty fun and easy to slap down an introduction here, but I found Emilie’s biography on her MySpace page much more interesting than anything I could muster on my own. So, taken directly from her MySpace page: “Emilie Mover was conceived in Miami Beach, Florida at the Paradise Beach Hotel. She was born […]

Q&A with Besides Daniel

A band definitely flying under the radar, Besides Daniel will peak its head at just the right time. They have brains. Oh, and they know what they’re doing. Since I’ve been keeping up with this band, I’ve noticed that they are very aware of their surroundings. A college drop-out, Danny’s ingenious personality is generally what […]

Q&A with Don Chaffer of Waterdeep

One of the cool things about running an online, indie music site is that you get to chat with talented people like Don Chaffer of Waterdeep. After having been a fan for over a decade (at least), it was kind of surreal to be able to chat with him over the phone. A down-to-earth family guy, […]