7 Minutes in Heaven with: NIGEL WRIGHT

Why is this incredible young singer/songwriter signed to a German label and touring Europe while those in his home state of Georgia have never heard of him? I don’t know but it’s a cosmic injustice that The Blue Indian aims to rectify.


Just in time for their US tour, the guys in Dr. Dog have teamed up with to provide you the chance to ask them whatever you want!

Interview: Kye Kye

Say “hello” to Kye Kye. TBI’s Jordan Welsh recently caught up with the Portland, Oregon based act during their tour with John Mark McMillan to chat about God, sushi, and a new album.

7 Minutes in Heaven with: BOWERBIRDS

In advance of Bowerbirds’ upcoming Atlanta show (the last of their Spring tour), they answer a few questions The Blue Indian had to ask.

7 Minutes in Heaven with: PLANTS AND ANIMALS

Montreal natives PLANTS & ANIMALS describe their sound, list their influences, and share their favorite acts of 2011.

Interview + Exclusive Video: Mag Tard – “Stayed at Home”

Macon’s Mag Tard debuts their video for “Stayed at Home” with and chats with us about the artistic community in the city.

Interview with: Conspirator

“When he’s drumming it’s likeā€¦ it’s like a John Stienbeck – Travels With Charlie sort of happiness, just a man and his most beloved companion.” – Aron Magner – Conspirator

Interview + Upcoming Shows w/ Jon Lindsay

North Carolina’s Jon Lindsay has quickly risen to the top of my “Most Played” list with his most recent album Escape from Plaza-Midwood. Jon fills us in on the album, his strange Wikipedia page and what’s to come in 2012

Amy LaVere: Interview + Upcoming Show

If you’re unfamiliar with the soulful sounds that Amy LaVere is responsible for then it’s time for you to educate yourself. The Shreveport-via-Memphis based musician-actor-all around classy lady has been criss-crossing the country for the past few years and is making her way through Atlanta on her upcoming tour for one of the only dates […]

10 Questions with Arthur Alligood

Right after working with LA producer, Mikal Blue, Arthur takes the time to chat with us about his experience.

Andy Hull

10 Questions with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra

“Being in a band with 3 dudes who can eat 10 cheeseburgers a day and remain paper thin eventually caught up to me. I looked down and realized I wasn’t healthy and I really wanted to be.” -Andy Hull


We caught up with brothers James and Jon Duke of ATBL in the middle of their whirlwind of a tour with John Mark McMillan and David Crowder*Band.