Acoustic Alley: OCEAN IS THEORY

The fellas of Ocean Is Theory have been regular performers in Macon for several years now and it’s a shame it took us this long to get them to do an acoustic set for our series. However, for a band that works the tour circuit as hard as these guys do, it’s a miracle we got them to sit still at all!

We’ve been steadily moving away from the actual alley that we started these intimate sessions in. Lately we’ve been recording on rooftops, parking garages, boats, and more. Ocean Is Theory’s session continued this trend and was shot just before the full band took the stage at Macon’s 2012 Bearstock music festival on April 14th. As Jubee & The Morning After rocked their set in the park, we headed over to a quieter setting on Mercer University’s campus.

See them play the new song “While We’re Young” and the standout track “Underneath” from last year’s Future Fears EP.

Ocean Is Theory – “While We’re Young”

[youtube id=BStwBqPoYYI]

Ocean Is Theory – “Underneath”

[youtube id=loxudozIM-E]