Live Footage: Besides Daniel, Molly Parden, Tim Walker & Alec Stanley

Check out the clips from a free, impromptu show at The 567.

Bragg Jam 2010: Citizen Insane

Citizen Insane kept things loud at Bottoms Up during Bragg Jam 2010.

the rocketboys

Live Footage: The Rocketboys’ “All The Western Winds” at Bragg Jam 2010

Check out another one of William Haun’s videos for TBI.

Bragg Jam 2010: The Moaners

Watch The Moaners perform at the 2010 Bragg Jam Festival in Macon, GA.

Video: Peter Wolf Crier’s “Hard as Nails”

Check out Peter Wolf Crier’s “Hard as Nails”!

Parachute Musical in Macon, GA on June 25, 2010

Q&A with Parachute Musical (Video)

Luke Goddard interviews three of the four guys from Parachute Musical after their show in Macon, Georgia on June 25th. The band talks about their new single, the Nashville music scene, and the visuals that accompany their live shows.

Washed Out - Ernest Greene

Adult Swim Promo Video: WASHED OUT

Adult Swim takes us on a tour of Ernest Greene’s (Washed Out) new home and studio in Eatonton, GA.

Frightened Rabbit live at The Masquerade on April 24, 2010

Frightened Rabbit @ The Masquerade

This past weekend I caught the Scottish band Frightened Rabbit on tour in support of their 3rd studio album. Grant Hutchinson delivered the same energy & emotion that I love so much on his band’s records.  It was also a first for the band when they had a young man propose to his girlfriend on […]

Washed Out - Live at The 567 Cafe in Macon, GA - Video still by William Haun

Video: Washed Out Live in Macon, GA at The 567

William Haun’s incredible video of Washed Out performing live in Macon!


Manchester on Kimmel and O’Brother to be the Dopest

One of our favorites at The Blue Indian, Andy Hull and his band, Manchester Orchestra, recently destroyed Jimmy Kimmel’s Late Night Show. Ever since Andy was so kind to do an interview (one of the better Blue Indian Q&A’s) with us, I’ve tried my best to keep track of him and his band. It’s certainly no easy […]

Cymbals Eat Guitars perform at The Earl in Atlanta, GA on March 11, 2010.

Cymbals Eat Guitars @ The Earl

The young indie rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars performed last night at The Earl in Atlanta, GA. They were full of energy and very loud! Photos below, followed by video at the bottom.