The Blue Indian Presents: GOBOTRON

Gobotron played to a tight-knit group of fans as he opened for Andy Hull & Kevin Devine in Macon, GA.


Junip Making A Spash

Check out Big Ass Lens’ documentary about Junip’s tour wrap in NYC.

BAD BOOKS Concert Videos (Andy Hull & Kevin Devine)

Certainly one of the most entertaining nights in a long time, but for one dude in particular…well…

Rejectioneers House Show Videos

Watch the Rejectioneers play to songs from their recent house show in Columbia, South Carolina

The Blue Indian Presents: Austin Crane (new videos)

For your Thanksgiving 2010, enjoy a new song by Austin Crane as well as one off of Valley Maker.

Live Footage & Photos: Arthur Alligood, Danny Brewer, Molly Parden, and Cory Watkins’s 1st Annual Writers in the Round was a great success!

The Blue Indian’s Acoustic Alley: Arthur Alligood

After you watch this, pull up your iTunes store and purchase Arthur Alligood’s music. You won’t regret it.

Live Footage & Photos: SHEARWATER

Photos and videos from the Austin, TX band’s show in Atlanta this month.

BESIDES DANIEL’s “Unanswered Questions” Music Video

We brought to your attention a several weeks ago that Besides Daniel had released a DVD with three “one-shot” music videos and a host of other material. Tucked away in those “extra features” is this gem – a new song by Danny Brewer called “Unanswered Questions.” The Blue Indian’s own William Haun directed the music […]

Damien Jurado Live (show review, photos, & videos)

Damien Jurado thoroughly impressed on November 5th, 2010 at The Earl. Read more.

Video: Damien Jurado Plays “Ghost of David”

This past Friday, Seattle’s much beloved singer-songwriter Damien Jurado passed through Atlanta on tour with Austin, Texas’ indie rockers Shearwater. The Blue Indian was at The Earl covering the amazing show and will have a plethora of videos and photos of their performances for you. Until the full show review goes up, we want to […]

Live Footage & Photos: ROBBERS

Enjoy some of William Haun’s photos and live video footage from Robbers’ set in Macon back in September.