Bragg Jam 2010: The Rocketboys

Photos of The Rocketboys performing at the 2010 Bragg Jam Music Festival in Macon, GA.

Bragg Jam 2010: Citizen Insane

Citizen Insane kept things loud at Bottoms Up during Bragg Jam 2010.

Live Footage: The Rocketboys’ “All The Western Winds” at Bragg Jam 2010

the rocketboys

Check out another one of William Haun’s videos for TBI.

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #7: Q&A with Roly-Bots


In one of the more interesting interviews to date, Brandon Bish, booking agent of TBI, sits down with Roly-Bots. Check it out!

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #6: List of Auction Items

On Friday, July 30, on the eve of the Concert Crawl, Bragg Jam kicks off with the Patrons’ Party & Music Auction at the Armory Ballroom (484 First Street) in downtown Macon. The auction begins at 10 p.m. with $10 admission. The following is just SOME of the items that will be auctioned off! Ocmulgee Expeditions […]

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #5: Q&A with Citizen Insane

citizen insane

Sean Pritchard (TBI): Can you tell us a bit about the band? Who you are, where you’re from, and what you do in the band? Shawn Williamson (Citizen Insane): We formed Citizen Insane about three and a half years ago. We were living in the outskirts of Macon at the time. We spent about six […]

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #4: Music Auction!

bragg jam music auction

Don’t forget that there will be a music auction on the eve of Bragg Jam 2010! (Read More)

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #2: Concert Crawl Schedule Is Revealed!

concert crawl schedule

If you live in Georgia, especially the Middle Georgia area, you should feel excited. Middle Georgia’s largest music festival, Bragg Jam 2010, is 30 days away! Over 41 acts will play on 9 awesome stages. The festival is known for providing a broad scope of entertainment for all ages. So, the event is certainly family […]

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #1: 5 Questions with Stribling

This is the first of many blurbs featuring different bands who will be performing at this year’s Bragg Jam Festival. Check out Brandon Bish’s interview with Steven from Stribling.

Bragg Jam 2010 | Downtown Macon, GA!

Bragg Jam 2010 is about to be here! One of Georgia’s largest music festivals, this year could be the best yet!