7 Minutes in Heaven with: The Holidays

The Holidays

In this 7MIH, Beth chats with The Holidays.

7 Minutes in Heaven with: Anamanaguchi


In the debut of “7 Minutes in Heaven with…,” Beth chats with up-and-coming band, Anamanaguchi!

Q&A with The Young Veins

the young veins

The Q&A covers their first tours as a band, the split from Panic! At The Disco, and what’s in store for their next album.

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #7: Q&A with Roly-Bots


In one of the more interesting interviews to date, Brandon Bish, booking agent of TBI, sits down with Roly-Bots. Check it out!

Q&A with Jeremy Messersmith

jeremy messersmith 2

Beth catches Jeremy Messersmith before his show for a few beers and an interview.

Q&A with Floco Torres

The hottest hip-hop artist in Middle Georgia, Floco Torres sits down for an interview with The Blue Indian’s founder, Luke Goddard. The two talk about everything from his professional crush on singer/songwriter, Molly Parden, to his upcoming EP, entitled “Catch Me If You Can.”

Q&A with Songs of Water

Songs of Water

A band you might not know a lot about, Songs of Water is no secret in North Carolina.

Q&A with Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine

Freelance writer, David Donaldson, finds out what makes Kevin tick in this Q&A.

Q&A with The Whigs

The Whigs

With roots in the lovely Athens, GA, The Whigs are on the up and up, no doubt. Beth chats with bassist Tim Deaux about their third full-length that released back on March 16th.

Q&A with Toro y Moi

Toro Y Moi

One of the poster boys of chillwave, Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi takes time to chat with Luke about his childhood and the craziness of being blogged about by Kanye West.

Q&A with Parachute Musical

Parachute Musical

Beth sits down with Josh to talk about the evolution of the band.

Q&A with James Duke of All The Bright Lights

james duke

After Luke gave All The Bright Lights debut release a major hi-five, he sits down with one of the guys behind it all- James Duke.