7 Minutes in Heaven with: PICKWICK

Meet Pickwick. A Seattle band coming this Spring to a city near you. They like Otis Redding. We like them.

Show Review + Photos: DAMIEN JURADO @ The Earl, 05/23/2012

The respected Seattle singer/songwriter played with new found joy and energy confirming his desire to move on from the singer-songwriter stuff that had never really reflected his personality or what he enjoys musically.

Show Review + New Song: BEN TRICKEY @ The Earl

Stream Trickey’s latest track and hear “the seemingly effortless vibrato in his voice” that our reviewer says perfectly compliments the content of his songs.

May 2012 “Band of the Month” – ALL TINY CREATURES

All Tiny Creatures

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, All Tiny Creatures craft a uniquely textured sound that will surely carve out a comfortable spot in your music catalog. Perhaps you’ve seen them on tour recently with Bon Iver?

Laura Gibson – New Label, New Album, New Video, New Single

Photo by Melanie Brown This news is actually a week old and falls in the “why are we just now finding out!?” category. For some reason, Laura Gibson‘s upcoming album and her recent signing to City Slang (of Arcade Fire, Menomena, and Caribou fame) just quietly slipped by us. That is probably a good analogy […]

The Blue Indian Recommends: The Head and the Heart

“Could very well be the next biggest thing to come out of the Northwest, since Fleet Foxes.” – Damien Jurado