Acoustic Alley: Ponderosa

We’re continuing to pull videos from our SXSW 2013 archives over the next week and we just dug up PONDEROSA’s Acoustic Alley session with our crew that covered the festival. Enjoy!

Acoustic Alley: Ponderosa

“Band of the Month” veterans Ponderosa met up with us to record some mellow renditions of a few songs off of their latest release, “Pool Party”.

Everett’s “Top 12 Albums of 2012”

The third submission in our staff’s “Top Albums of 2012” Everett includes electro-duo Cherub, the wonderful album from David Byrne & St. Vincent, Royal Thunder’s ‘CVI’, and more!

August 2012 “Band of the Month” – PONDEROSA

After switching things up from their 2011 debut, ‘Moonlight Revival’, Atlanta’s PONDEROSA returns with ‘Pool Party’, a shimmering look at what’s to come.