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A Picture of Beth Yeckley

Once upon a time, Beth Yeckley recruited a team of writers and laid the foundation for what is now one of The Blue Indian's strongest features: Album Reviews. After a year and a half hiatus, she is back as a contributing writer.

Beth says the greatest band that she's discovered through working with is Austin Crane / Valley Maker. Follow her at @BethYeckley on Twitter and Instagram.

Beth Yeckley's Latest Contributions

Katie Costello

7 Minutes in Heaven with: Katie Costello

In this 7MIH, Beth chats with Katie Costello.

Q&A with Ari Hest

Check out this story and Q&A TBI’s Beth Yeckley did with Ari Hest!


7 Minutes in Heaven with: Anamanaguchi

In the debut of “7 Minutes in Heaven with…,” Beth chats with up-and-coming band, Anamanaguchi!


Q&A with Empires

Empires share their thoughts on Rolling Stone, their music, and the new Radiohead album.

amos lee mission bell

Amos Lee’s “Mission Bell”

“Amos Lee fans, I think you’ll either love this album or turn it off and play an old one instead.” -BY

Harrison Hudson

Harrison Hudson Releases a New Single, “Run My Way”

Don’t miss out on Harrison Hudson’s new single, “Run My Way.” Super good!

brass red MELT WHITE

Brass Bed’s “Melt White”

“The band does a great job of leading listeners through what feels like a very organic album.” -BY

The Decemberists The King Is Dead

The Decemberists’ “The King Is Dead”

“The album shocked me at first, but I grew to love it more and more with every play.” -BY

field days PROJECTOR

Field Days’ “Projector”

“Projector never ventures somewhere that feels foreign; it just keeps you on your toes.” -BY