Between Symmetries – Movetur

Peterson weighs in on Savannah-based rock act Between Symmetries’ newest EP, ‘Movetur’

Triathalon – Nothing Bothers Me

TRIATHALON’s second full-length, ‘Nothing Bothers Me’, is out now via Broken Circles Records. Andy Barton weighs in on the record.

The High Divers — Riverlust

The High Divers is one of the more promising acts we’ve heard recently. Read up and go check the album out!

Fire Mountain – All Dies Down

“‘All Dies Down’. . . is one not to be quickly shelved.” -Holly Etchison

Joshua Stamper – The Skin, the Sea, the Sound

“With nostalgic sensibilities and touches of indie rock, The Skin, the Sea, the Sound,” sneaks up on you with its import,” says Etchison.

John Mark McMillan – Borderland

“Running on the edge, reaching the center, exiled and included, with his Borderland, John Mark McMillan, it seems, has arrived.” -TBI

Faye Webster – “Run and Tell”

Holy heartbreak, can we get this girl on Nashville? The folk darling and her melancholic musings (which tiptoe dangerously close to the Twang Line bordering folk and country) belong somewhere between Connie Britton’s hair and Hayden Panettiere’s indiscretions. Maybe we can get rid of Scarlett, that dress-and-boots-wearing-caricature-of-a-country-goodie-two-shoes and insert the quirky, mature, seemingly-no-b.s. Faye Webster […]

Mainland – “Shiner EP”

“Mainland holds a rhythm in each track alongside a beachy daze of guitar work and demanding vocals that makes for a wonderfully refreshing mix that begs for multiple spins. ” – EV

Baxter and the Basics – “And So Are You”

“The album as a whole is a breadbasket of different sounds, but together they create a harmony that shows off what Athens, GA is all about.” -KF

Water Liars – “Water Liars”

“On Water Liars’ self-titled release, the songs continue to palpably document the rises and falls at the fringes of everyday life.” – CB

Multiplexor – “Some New Air”

“Some New Air certainly does a good job at living up to its name. . .” -PW

Vikesh Kapoor – “The Ballad of Willy Robins”

“Dylan’s early years were marked with this type of exploration and hero-imitation. Here’s hoping Vikesh follows the same trajectory.” – Lee Fowler