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Acoustic Alley: Marc Scibilia

Go and ahead and get comfortable with Nashville singer-songwriter, Marc Scibilia, because you’ll be hearing him for a long time.

Acoustic Alley: SHOOK FOIL

Our new friends in Shook Foil treated us to a starkly beautiful Alley session following their last show in Macon with Wowser Bowser. Enjoy two songs from their recent EP, ‘Little Significance’, plus a special treat.

Acoustic Alley: MEL WASHINGTON (formerly of ALL GET OUT)

Former ALL GET OUT member Mel Washington plays an acoustic rendition of The Belle Brigade’s “Losers” in a Columbia, SC park.

Acoustic Alley: Alec Stanley

And with this special Alley shoot, we here at The Blue Indian say goodbye and send our best wishes to our friend, Alec Stanley.

Acoustic Alley: Frontier Ruckus

Some of our favorite Michiganders made their way to our alley following their recent show in Macon to perform this song off their new album.

Acoustic Alley: OCEAN IS THEORY

We finally get OCEAN IS THEORY to sit down and play an acoustic set for us on the Mercer University campus just before their energized set at Bearstock 2012.

Acoustic Alley: Josh Foster

“Clearly, the emotion and sentiments that Foster evoked resounded through the city, as he was recently invited back to Mercer University’s Bearstock 2012 to perform a set of songs from his upcoming solo record, where we managed to snag him for an Acoustic Alley session”

Acoustic Alley: The Front Bottoms

The band follows up their popular Acoustic Alley set from last September with three new songs on a rooftop in Middle Georgia.

Acoustic Alley: Christopher Bell

All the way from New York, Chris Bell showed up in Macon for a short Alley session with his electric cello and made it work out nicely

Acoustic Alley: SCOUTS

Kansas City, Missouri’s SCOUTS run through an alternate version of their song “Cult Classic” following their show with Last Year’s Men, oh dorian, and Alec Stanley Seven.

Acoustic Alley: Last Year’s Men

Last Year’s Men gives us one of the most unique Alley videos of the year! Enjoy!