Video Premier: Good Night Alive – “Killing You Slow”

Good Night Alive released this spooky video for their new song “Killing You Slow” just in time for Halloween!

Acoustic Alley: WATER LIARS

WATER LIARS stopped in Macon in mid-September for a show at The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom and recorded this beautiful Acoustic Alley session early in the evening.

Acoustic Alley: GOOD NIGHT ALIVE

Macon band Good Night Alive treat us to 3 stripped-down songs of of their upcoming EP in The Blue Indian’s relaunched Acoustic Alley series.


Trae Vedder from Death on Two Wheels gives us a preview of “Hey Amariah” of of their upcoming self-titled release in what is easily our heaviest Alley shoot yet.

All Around Georgia: December 2012

We wind down the year with shows around Georgia from some of our favorite artists! Highlights include Dan Deacon, The Lumineers, Dylan LeBlanc, The Whigs, and many more!

Acoustic Alley: SHOOK FOIL

Our new friends in Shook Foil treated us to a starkly beautiful Alley session following their last show in Macon with Wowser Bowser. Enjoy two songs from their recent EP, ‘Little Significance’, plus a special treat.

7 Minutes in Heaven with: Oceanics

Oceanics, an up-beat pop band from Australia, fill us in on their newest album just in time for summer. Watch out for them in the US before too long


The band’s first full-length album “The Things I Say vs. The Things I Do” makes its appearance on iTunes for your listening pleasure.