Acoustic Alley

Acoustic Alley: oh dorian

oh dorian (Heather Kemp) recently returned to Macon for a show alongside Besides Daniel – ultimately resulting in our first Acoustic Alley session with her. Enjoy!

Acoustic Alley: Aly Tadros

Brooklyn, NY’s Aly Tadros serenades crew with two simple, soulful tunes from her most recent album, ‘The Fits’.

Acoustic Alley: Besides Daniel

Besides Daniel – the work of Atlanta’s Danny Brewer and company – performs a long overdue session for our Acoustic Alley series.

Acoustic Alley: Wes Tirey

Our latest Acoustic Alley comes from Wes Tirey, a young artist from Asheville, NC who became a fan of the series and booked a show in Macon to see how works!

Acoustic Alley: Emily & the Complexes

During their March tour, Emily & the Complexes (OH) made the drive to Macon just to film this starkly beautiful session with us on a warm spring day.

Acoustic Alley : sunDollars

The rising act out of Macon, GA, sunDollars, give us all a treat with their Alley Session. Check it out and download “A Swell Parade” on’s Compilation 5.


Atlanta’s Echo Collection came down to Macon for an Acoustic Alley session. Enjoy!

Acoustic Alley: BABY BABY

In support of their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Big Boy Ballers Club’, the guys in Baby Baby made it down to Macon to record what turned out to be the coldest Acoustic Alley session we’ve ever filmed! Enjoy!

Acoustic Alley: CALEB (aka Colony House)

Caleb’s first time through Macon, GA has them in our alley performing “Learning How to Love” and “The Long Walk.”

Acoustic Alley: LENNOX

Lennox is making waves on the local music scene in middle GA. Their Acoustic Alley session offers a sound much different from their coming EP. Check it out!

Acoustic Alley: REST.

Tifton, Georgia’s rockers REST. break some of their songs down to their simplest elements in TBI’s Acoustic Alley.

Acoustic Alley: MEL WASHINGTON (Formerly of ALL GET OUT)

Mel performs his second Acoustic Alley set for TBI and plays three songs off his upcoming record HOUSES. We will be releasing a new video each week leading up to its release.