Will You Help Besides Daniel?

A note from Besides Daniel: We are raising funds for Besides Daniel‘s “Quarter Dozen One-Shots” on Kickstarter! We aspire, with your help in pre-ordering, to shoot three ambitious, single-shot, live performance, music videos before May. Can we do it? We shall see. We seek to get three of our new tunes in a format to sell before […]

Molly Parden live in concert

Molly Parden directs “Traveling Souls” to Danny of Besides Daniel

If you’re a “regular” here at The Blue Indian, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the music of Besides Daniel. And if you’ve grown accustomed to Besides Daniel, then you’ve probably traveled down the beaten path of Danny’s (frontman of Besides Daniel) heart-breaking story of a love that used to be vibrant but now seemingly a […]

The Blue Indian Compilation Vol.1 (600x400)

The Blue Indian Compilation Volume 1

We’re proud to announce the release of our first compilation album. Get a FREE taste of some of The Blue Indian’s favorite artists. Download it TODAY!

John Mark McMillan live

John Mark McMillan in CONCERT this Saturday, March 20th!

Do you want the chance to meet John Mark McMillan and the guys from AllTheBrightLights in one trip? Get in your vehicle and head to Riverstone Church, 2005 Stilesboro Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA, 30152 this Saturday, March 20th. The lead guitarist for John Mark McMillan is James Duke, who happens to be the lead guitarist […]

Besides Daniel

Besides Daniel: “Learn to Dry the Tears”

He’s at it again. A little over a month ago, listeners were sort of thrown into a pile of mess. Danny Brewer, front-man ofBesides Daniel, uploaded his heart in the form of a video to YouTube. Some told me they couldn’t look at him while he sang“Learn How to Fight.” His pain caused us pain. […]

Luke Goddard Slide Splash - Update

A Blue Indian Update from Luke Goddard

Dear Readers: Thank you so much for making our 4 months in 2009 so special. It’s hard to believe TheBlueIndian.com has only been alive for 5 months now. Seems like an eternity. I’m extremely looking forward to a great 2010. Mark my words, TheBlueIndian.com will be big in 2010. Tons of great interviews are coming your […]

Besides Daniel

Support Besides Daniel

Where do the boundaries fall when an artist’s personal life explodes into their art? Unavoidably, the boundaries may exist no more. And usually, it’s just a sloppy mess. And if the art is good, that sloppy mess is a beautiful thing. The shocking nakedness of a stranger makes us feel like we are not too […]

Arthur Alligood - Full Circle

The Blue Indian Recommends: Arthur Alligood

He has been known for his introspective songwriting, but over the years I’ve not only come to appreciate his songwriting, but his raspy voice that comes through so boldly behind the microphone as well. He’s one of those that once you hear him live, you’ll never forget him. His melodies are contagious and his lyrics […]

Molly Parden

The Blue Indian Recommends: Molly Parden

I’m not sure if I’m the first writer to say this about this young lady, but I’m gonna call it. Molly Parden will be some lucky dude’s sugar mama one day. In other words, her guitar and voice will make her a lot of money in her lifetime. Some people just have it. What is it… […]

Top 10 Tracks of 2009

TheBlueIndian.com’s Top 10 Tracks of 2009

10. The Working Title “Physical Love” [Unsigned] Formerly signed to major label, Universal Records, The Working Title now only consists of lead-singer, Joel Hamilton. Honestly, when the band broke the news of its inevitable break-up, I was definitely upset. But, after hearing The Working Title’s [a.k.a. Joel Hamilton] 2009 release “Bone Island,” which features its […]

Joel Rakes with a banjo and a dog.

FREE Christmas Music from Joel Rakes

I’ve received a large amount of free music the past couple of months from artists trying to get their stuff up, and to be honest, I sort of have to make my way through it at a realistic pace, which often times, is very slow. Respectfully enough, a lot of the music is coming from […]