O'Brother Sainthood Reps 7 inch

Atlanta’s own, O’Brother release a new 7″ Split

O’Brother, in collaboration with The Ambitious Guest, an up-and-coming vinyl label, are releasing a limited edition 7″ vinyl split between O’Brother and Sainthood Reps (Derrick Sherman of Brand New). It is a mixed color vinyl, meaning each disc will be unique. Also the artwork was done by Aaron Wamack of O’Brother. The split includes the […]

Luke Goddard - cartoon

“TheBlueIndian.com Presents”

A message from The Blue Indian’s owner: Before I get to why I’m writing, I have a few things to say. First, I wanted to take this moment to thank each of you for subscribing, following, and staying close to what’s happening at TheBlueIndian.com. I can’t express to you how thankful I am when I […]


New, Unreleased Lovedrug Tune, “Pink Champagne”

Jeremy from Lovedrug sent over one of their latest gems from a pile of demos they’re working on. The song is called “Pink Champagne.” We’re glad they chose to leak their new stuff on The Blue Indian.  These will be released in 2010 sometime. I have a few more than I plan on releasing over the […]

Blue Indian Head

Top 10 Recommended Blogs/Sites

The new addition to The Blue Indian, its entry page, was created to simply provide you a better experience with The Blue Indian, especially if you’re a first-time visitor. The page is designed to hopefully make it easier for you, the reader, to find certain articles that may interest you more than others. And while […]


A Blue Indian Emergency: Help DIGNAN Fix Their Band!

If you’re the helping type, there is someone in need. Actually, there are four guys and a girl in a desperate need of your help. Our friends, Dignan, are stuck in Corpus Christi, TX because their rear differential went out. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that means the wheels of the van will not […]

Besides Daniel - Danny Brewer

MP3: Besides Daniel’s “Stay”

Off of their latest and perhaps most admirable release, “The Clay, the Seed, the Stone,” Georgia’s own, Besides Daniel, gives us a beautiful, little gem called, “Stay.” The listener gets an up-close and personal glimpse into the love-life of Danny Brewer and Susanne O’Day, who use the moniker “Besides Daniel” for their music. It is this […]

Austin Crane

The Blue Indian Recommends: Austin Crane

From Columbia, SC, Austin Crane is a four-piece band that consists of Austin Crane (guitar, vocals), James Gibson (bass), Nathan Poole (lead guitar, back-up vocals), and Caleb Weathersby (percussion). Austin Crane is one of those bands who’s extremely difficult to categorize because of their unique sound. And it is perhaps Crane’s twangy vocals that sets them […]

Luke Goddard - cartoon

A Message from the Owner, Luke Goddard.

The other day you read a post here with me explaining that The Blue Indian would be undergoing a face-lift. Not so anymore. We have decided to keep the unique, blog-format for right now. In the future, it may have to be a move that we’ll have to make, but for now, The Blue Indian, […]

Winter Sounds - Kick Starter

Request: The Winter Sounds

You may remember when The Blue Indian interviewed The Winter Sounds. Remember? Well, you should know that The Blue Indian doesn’t just endorse any band or just any form of art. We’re thoughtfully strategic in who we choose to feature on this site. With that simply said, we ask that you consider how you can […]


MP3: Seabear, “Libraries”

We interviewed Seabear not too long ago and haven’t gotten over them since. It’s probably pretty obvious that The Blue Indian’s taste in music is quite eclectic. This Seabear gem, called, “Libraries,”has such beautiful vocal parts with an odd, upbeat dreamy vibe to it. From Iceland, Seabear will be making their US debut more than likely […]

Dignan - Tour schedule

MP3: Dignan, “What’s Done Is Done”

If you’re in the area of any of these shows, you MUST. Great band. We wrote about Dignan not too long ago. Check Dignan out HERE. Dignan – What’s Done Is Done